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Just a quick note on something fun. For anyone who's ever read Midnight In the Garden of Good & Evil or seen the movie, you know that both center around Mercer-Williams House.

Blair and I took a tour of the home and in the last room, amid priceless antiques, a big black cat was snoozing on the sofa. I nudged Blair and whispered, "I could do a story on this."

After the tour I approached our tour guide. Handing her my card, I mentioned I write for several pet magazines and I'd love to do a story on the cat living in the most famous house in Savannah. She took my card but wouldn't talk to me, explaining anything for magazines had to be approved by the owner, Jim Williams sister, Dorothy Kingery.

Three days after we arrived home, guess who I receive a voicemail from? Ms. Kingery herself. After a few days of phone tag we finally met up and had a great 30 minute chat about "Mitter" the cat I'd seen, his life at Mercer-Williams, details about the home, and even some talk about Jim Williams and his favorite cat, Sheldon. Apparently the entire Williams family are huge cat lovers.

I was reflecting how surreal it was to one week be reading Midnight In The Garden of Good & Evil and the next week to be talking with the main characters sister. I'm continually amazed how much one can get in life just by asking. And now I have the makings for a wonderful story about Mitter and the Mercer-Williams house.

Very fun indeed.