Mistakes Galore

I sat down last night to start proofreading and am freaking out at the number of mistakes I'm finding. One chapter had the last page missing from it!  I'm having heart palpitations that I'll miss something major like that and we'll go to print...

Whatever program Robert used to transfer the file into his software from Word, it didn't transfer exact.  For example, all the circled trademark or registered trademark signs came over as apostrophes.  Then there are lines of dialogue that are split in two and assigned two different lines, extra quotation marks everywhere (I don't know what's causing that), and it looks like a lot of the sentences don't have a space after the period.  It's a little scary.  I'll read through and proof it several times and have Blair read it at least once. Then it goes back to Robert for edits, he sends the final copy to us for one last proof, then we're off to the printer.

I'm still mainly excited though. I contacted the printer yesterday to let them know the book is almost done and to get a revised quote. I can't wait until I can actually hold the book in my hands.  I may go so far as to sleep with it under my pillow that first night.  Don't put it past me.