Lunch Tomorrow with Elizabeth Berg

I am so excited about my day tomorrow I can hardly sit still. Elizabeth Berg is one of my all-time favorite authors and my friend Pam invited me to a luncheon with her tomorrow afternoon at the High Point Literary League where Ms. Berg will be speaking.

Ms. Berg's writing is one of the reasons I wanted to become a writer. Her book Joy School was my inspiration for trying my hand at writing my first novel. I dissected Joy School, trying in my ever analytical way to find out what made it work. I have pages and pages of notes about the characters, their dialogue, and I even outlined the chapters, noting how many lines of dialogue there are, when each character is introduced, when the different plots wrap up, etc.

I plan to take my pile of notes and ask Berg to sign them tomorrow. (Possibly also slipping her a note that I'm just a fan, not a stalker).  

On a different note, I have GOT to learn to start turning on my cell phone. Yesterday was to be my speed-dating book signing event. I spent the day writing in my p.j's. and showered about 4 PM. Got all "cuted up" for the event and only then did it occur to me I hadn't turned my cell phone on in days.  Turns out I had a message from Sunday night that the event had been cancelled--not enough men signed up (cowards).  I also had 3 other messages waiting for me. Luckily, none of them were urgent.  I am just not a cell phone carrying kind of gal. I'd rather hide.

All was not lost. Since I had gone to the extra effort of applying makeup, I drove to Winston and met Blair for dinner. (I am not one to let an application of eye liner and lip gloss go to waste). And there's another speed-dating event on April 23rd that I'll attend and hopefully that one will have enough people to be a go.

Lots of writing work to do today. Must get to it.