New Running Shoes

Since I appear to be serious about this running thing, I decided to invest in a pair of running shoes. My neighbor R. recommended I check out this cute little shop in Greensboro called Off'N Running (the "cute little shop" is my doing, not R's).  I stopped in today and had such fun--not something I typically associate with shoe shopping.

When selecting the proper running shoe, one does not (as I admittedly have in the past) buy the shoes based on color and or level of cuteness. No, no. There is a whole science to the process.

First I stood on the floor in bare feet while they examined me for...actually, I don't know. But the sales guy seemed interested in how I stood. Then I had to walk the length of the store and back. Then they looked at my current running shoes to see where they were worn and how I used them. Apparently, I have a slight pronation on my left foot.  Or in layman's terms, my foot rolls inward when I walk/run.

Based on what he observed, the owner brought out 3 pairs of shoes. (Side note: I wear an 8 1/2 and sometimes a 9 but had to go to a 9 1/2 in a running shoe! The owner swore it's because they size them small but geez, what woman wants to buy a 9 1/2 shoe? I made him swear to tell anyone who asks that I purchased a 7). 

Here's the fun part. Not only did I get to try on each pair of shoes, but they put me on a treadmill and had me jog at a moderate pace for a minute in each of the shoes so they could observe the support and how my feet were turning. Only then was the correct pair singled out.

Can you picture this sort of treatment for ladies heels? "Well ma'am, your toes appear only moderately pinched in the suede model and as long as you cling to your date for support and never attempt to walk independently, I think those 4-inch heels will serve you well. But hop on out there on our store dance floor and let's see how they look."

So I can't wait to try out  my new super cool (but--sigh--not all that pretty) new running shoes. I'm planning an hour's run on Sunday so we'll see how they do then.