Well. That was quite the little hissy fit I threw on-line yesterday wasn't it? I thought about deleting it but eh, you had to find out sooner or later I'm not perfect so you might as well start dealing with the pain and astonishment of it all now. (It's okay. I'm here for you.)

Things perked up later in the day. I think I found a replacement speaker for me at JobLink which eases the guilt of cancelling. Also, part of my volunteer work yesterday involved setting up speaking schedules for two authors who are going to speak to the community on behalf of the WGOT (Writers Group of the Triad) and when I spoke to one author she was so cheerful and gracious that it put me in a much better frame of mind.  

I'm in high spirits today. In an effort to combat the tired feeling I mentioned in an earlier blog I've been going to bed early. VERY early. Like at 9 PM. But I've been getting in a full 8 hours and I feel fantastic.  No more nodding head syndrome, no more forcing myself on to the next task. Instead, I feel rested and energized. It makes a huge difference throughout the day. 

Still running. Was out this morning and Sunday morning for 52 minutes which is probably around 5 miles. I hesitate to track my mileage because once I know how far something is, I psych myself out. "It's 3 miles as soon as I hit that stop sign. That's good enough. Maybe I'll stop." Where if  I don't know how far I've run, I'll keep running.

This month my goal is simply to run 4x/week. Come September, I'll need to take it up to 5 days and increase my time.

I better get a lot of sleep before then. ;)