What's Up In Dena's World?

This week has our favorite writer feeling frazzled. To get a grip on life (and because she has, like, ZERO energy to come up with anything more creative), here's a quick peek behind the wizard's curtain:


  • 2 newsletter articles
  • Developmental edit on book due to editor
  • Write, rewrite, rip apart and write again children's book for client
  • Conduct interviews, interviews, interviews for other book for client
  • Transcribe interviews, interviews, interviews
  • Write book from interviews, interviews, interviews
  • Compose query letter and sample columns for magazine I want to work for as a columnist


  • Face up to the fact that due to bad weather and worse attitude, I'll most likely not show for Saturday's long awaited Uwharrie Mountain Race
  • Weather has me doing most runs inside on the treadmill. Feel like I'm losing ground.
  • Noticeable weight gain. Piggy needs to cut back on her food intake. 


  •  Board notes that need to be typed
  • Cover letter for grant report 
  • Prepare for 2 upcoming board meetings
  • Sunday transport of 4 dogs from High Point to Martinsville


  •  Replace windshield wiper that went flying off into space this morning when I turned it on.
  • Make appointment to have cats nails trimmed
  • Laundry, cleaning, blah-blah-blah
  • Check in with Blair. I think we passed each other in the hall the other day?

Celebrate! Life is good.