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My Life As A Sitcom

I really think I missed my calling in life. I should be the head writer for some prime-time sitcom about a married couple and the wacky exploits they get into when the harebrained wife does things like forces her long-suffering husband to go vegan, forcefully brings stray cats into their home, and, oh, I don't know... pours a bottle of olive oil on her head? 

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How My Flat Iron Wrecked My Morning

I hit the ground running today. Out of bed by 6 and straight to the laptop where I pounded out the final edits on my book proposal and hit the SEND button, sending them flying across the electric miles to my agent in California. Then a quick check of e-mail before I prepared a marinated asparagus that must sit for 8 hours in the fridge. Hopped on the treadmill for 3 quick miles, showered, blew dry and... the world came to a halt.

My flat iron, the most treasured possession of any curly-haired woman living in the humid South, was dead.

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