What’s That Pounding In My Head?

How did I let it come to this?

For years, I’ve eschewed caffeine. I don’t drink soda and while I can down a big gulp of coffee a day, I’ve always kept it decaf. (I just like the warmth and taste.)

But last year our office got a fancy-schmancy new coffee maker that only serves leaded and so, cup-by-cup, I allowed myself to be drawn into the underworld of caffeine. When you layer in the fact that my gym serves free coffee in the morning (It’s free! At the gym!), suddenly I’m up to 4-5 cups a day.

I took PTO yesterday and had a pounding headache all day. Was I sick? Dealing with a lack of sleep? Had I inadvertently watched a Trump ad? No, none of the above. I’d just been home, alone, without the java. (Side note: Everything Trump does gives me a pounding headache. Everything.)

So I’ve recommitted. I’ll keep my morning coffee, just because I like hanging out with my crew of retirees in the mornings. But during the day, it’s decaf only. That means Keurig and/or instant decaf coffee for me. Or else a whole lotta money for the nearest Starbucks.

Forgive me if I’m cranky the rest of the week. It’ll pass.