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The Paleo Vegetarian Diet: A Guide For Weight Loss And Healthy Living

Ulysses Press, 2015

Being vegetarian doesn’t mean you can’t go Paleo. With this comprehensive guide it’s easy to transition to a primal diet without feeling deprived. Shed pounds, gain energy and improve your health with a rich base of fruits, vegetables, nuts, eggs and more. Read More...

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Does This Collar Make My Butt Look Big? A Diet Book For Cats

Ten Speed Press/Random House, Fall 2013

In less time than it takes to cough up a hairball, you too can be fit, feline and fabulous! Read More...

Who Moved My Mouse? A Self Help Book for Cats Who Don't Need Any Help)

Ten Speed Press/Random House, 2010

Based on classic self-help texts, cats learn to make the 20 minutes they’re awake each day the best 20 minutes of their lives! Read More...

Lessons In Stalking:
Adjusting to Life With Cats

Anyone who owns a cat must own this book filled with derision, wit, and non-stop hilarity. Read More...


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