Why this Blog?

For years I've considered writing a (semi) humor column called "Why Aren't I In Charge?" My thoughts are the world would be a safer, saner, and more logical place if everyone would just relinquish their right to independent thought and do what I tell them.

I've been accused of having a "Vulcan" (think Spock) mindset where logic is the only option. I consider this a compliment. Too much drama flying around out there. So I have decided to use my gifts of logic and rationale to help those less fortunate--read: emotionally unstable--than myself.

Until everyone starts listening to me though (soon, very soon...) I'll just keep blogging about what interests me: writing, running, cats, travel and  

And I'll make sure to post the occasional entry on what I think you all should be doing with your lives. You know, just to be helpful. 

If you must know more, you can read my bio. (And hey--why not contribute to my retirement fund and buy a book while you're there?)

Welcome to my world of humor, books, writing, running, laughter, and love of all things chocolate.