Hot Showers & Creatures Under the Stairs

I have discovered I really, really, really, really, really like hot showers. I know this because our hot water pipes froze and I've been without hot water for almost 48 hours. Our home was built in 1907 and while it boasts many cool features such as 6 fireplaces, it also has a tendency toward frozen pipes if the temperature dips below, say, 70.

But now the water is back on, I'm clean, dishes are clean, laundry is churning. I do so love modern appliances.

The creature I mentioned in my first post chose not to attack last night, for which I am grateful. I did still hear some snuffling in the walls though. And now I have a new fear to add to my list.

It occurred to me that since the raccoon trap we've set outside is baited with cat food, there's a good chance one of the many roaming neighborhood cats might get trapped inside. So I was hoofing it outside last night in freezing temperatures, checking to make sure "Spike" or "Mr. Jingles" wasn't trapped and freezing, sending the neighbors after me with pitchforks because they think I'm trapping their cats.

If you know me, you know I have a soft spot for animals, cats in particular. In fact, so far this year I've received a cat book, a cat bookmark, and cat Christmas cards. When I opened the card I turned to my husband and announced matter-of-factly, "It's happened. I have become that woman. The one people give cat gifts too." I'm only 34, which seems a bit young to be so stereotyped, but there it is. When my friends are out in stores shopping for me they are saying things like, "Oh just grab her anything with a cat on it and she'll love it." On the one hand, how dare they? On the other, yeah, I pretty much will love it if it has a cat on it.

A ton of work to do today. Working on a story on how to find the best dog trainer for your animal, and just received an assignment with a 48-hour turnaround date to rewrite Web site content.

So off to grab coffee (checking one more time to make sure no trapped cats are present outside), my laptop, and some inspiration.