The Creature Lives

Creature Under the Stairs - 500
Dena & Blair - 0

We are losing the battle, the war, and everything in between.

The Creature Under the Stairs continues to thwart us. This morning it was growling and squealing and doing high-impact cardio under the stairs. Noon seems to be the time it's most active.

I had the Critter Control guy out and while he was very nice, it was a less than satisfactory experience. We walked around the outside of my house and he pointed out places where animals may be getting in and quoted a hefty sum for them to plug the holes up.

"But that's not getting at what's under my stairs," I said.

"It's probably mice," he said. "They won't travel but 10-25 feet from where they nest."

"So how do we get them?" I asked.

"We'll bait under your house and in your attic," he said.

"I thought you said mice don't travel. How will they get to the bait?"

"Oh. Well, yeah."

I took over. "Listen, we have set out baits and traps and whatnot and none of it works. How do we get to those things in the wall?"

He shoved his hat back on his head. "Well like I said, we'll set out bait and stuff."


We circled around this conversation and finally he threw something out that we can't drill into plaster walls b/c we may hit a wrong section, and big chunks would have to be removed and I don't know what all. What it comes down to, in my opinion, is that we're stuck with these stupid things under the stairs. Which I refuse to accept. There has to be someone out there who has a solution. People don't just live with things growling under their stairs.

I know one thing. The money I paid this company is good for 30 days worth of work. I'll have them out here every day if I have to. They'll break into my walls if for no other reason than to get me off their backs.

If anyone out there has any suggestions, I'm wide open.