A squirrel, that is. The guy came out on Tuesday and set a trap right outside our eaves where we thought the little critters might be getting in and out. I came home yesterday and there was a squirrel in the trap.

Of course now I'm guilt ridden. What if it wasn't THE squirrel who we suspect is living in our home but just A squirrel that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. He looked all cute and furry, huddled there in the steel trap against the cold wind. The cats could see him from their spot on the windowsill, and Lucy sat there fascinated for well over an hour.

I called Critter Control at 4:30, when I got home, to let them know to come get the squirrel. However, I got their answering machine. I kept looking at the little squirrel. It looked very cold. Poor little fella. What if Critter Control didn't get my message until tomorrow? I couldn't let him sit out there and freeze all night.

I decided I would take the cage down, stick it in the back of my car, drive 10 miles to a nearby park, and release Rocky myself. I got out the ladder, climbed up, smiled at God's little creature and...

...almost fell backward off the ladder as this squirrel went freaking nuts.

I reached a hand toward the cage and the squirrel went wild. It was flying and bolting inside the trap, shaking the steel bars, biting the bars, flying back toward me, up, down, over, top, bottom, boom-boom-boom. This was a creature possessed.

I felt bad. Obviously it was scared. But when me saying, "It's okay, I won't hurt you," in my most soothing of tones didn't do the trick, I backed down. Have you ever seen the claws on a squirrel? Those things are like daggers - long and sharp.

Luckily, CC had called me back while I was outside to say their guy was on the way. So now we wait and see if the noises have gone away. If so, we can block up the holes.

Fingers crossed.