Meet Linda, my illustrator

To continue the "journey of the book," we're now up to this morning (Friday) in time.  I met my illustrator, Linda Santell, halfway between our homes so I could do a handoff of the books to her.  Her town of Reidsville is having a festival this Saturday and Linda is setting up a display of the books in her shop.

Here I am handing the books to Linda, who, as you can see, if quite thrilled to receive them.  handoffweb.jpgWe joked it was like a covert drug operation.  Our cars pulled up alongside one another as we made the exchange.  We did actually make it out of our cars to hug and congratulate one another, but this is the actual first handoff of the books.

I signed all the books I gave to Linda and handwriting lessons are going to be in my near future. =)

The really fun news about the book is that last night the owner of The Fat Cat , an art gallery here in Madison, called and said she wanted me to do an author signing this weekend at her Fall Trunk & Fashion Show.  I dropped off 25 books there this morning and will be there at 100 W. Murphy Street in Madison tomorrow, Saturday the 8th, from 2-4 PM.

My excitement over the book is growing, the more people I run into.  I am extremely blessed to be surrounded, literally surrounded, with caring, supportive people.  Not just friends and family, but neighbors, store owners, editors...the list goes on.  People are so happy for me and I'm touched by that.  I wouldn't trade my life for anyone else's in the world.