Another Successful Halloween

Fog slithered across the air, wrapping itself around tombstones for "Barry M. Deep" and "C. Dracula."  A lit skull illuminated the body parts spread across a rusty table. Lanterns cast shadows of bats and spiders. Chains dragged across a chair as the grunts and moans of the Frankenstein Monster filled the air.  As if on cue (!), on the loudest of all groans the monster sat up--to the squeals and delight of children watching him.

Frank was a success.  Adults loved him, teenagers laughed and said "cool!" and little kids were wary.  One little guy refused to come out of the car, even after I shut off the tape and assured him the monster was nice.  Other little ones took me at my word.  If they looked too scared, I would say, "Oh, but this is a nice monster."

"Nice monster?" they repeated, doubtfully.

"A very nice monster," I said.  "Would you like to pat him and tell him Happy Halloween?" I'd lead them to Frankenstein, and once they patted his shoe or his glove they would look immensely pleased with themselves and would wave goodbye, calling "Bye nice monster!"

I love this holiday.

Blair got home about 6 and ended up sitting hidden behind Frankenstein and pushing him up.  One teenager who thought he was being cool, bounded over to the monster to poke fun at it, but didn't see Blair.  Blair reached out and poked his leg, yelling "Raaahhh!"  and the kid jumped a mile.  It was great.

Neighbors stopped by to check us out.  "How long does it take you two to come up with this stuff?" one asked, shaking her head.

Sadly, the flow of trick-or-treaters slowed this year.  We packed up about 7:30 and went inside.  Usually we're out until at least 8pm.  So many parents take their kids to "trunk-or-treats" or church parties though, that it's just not like it used to be.  Plus, I'm sure it being a school/work night contributed.  All in all though, great fun.  Next year we're talking about doing a headless horseman theme and throwing an adult Halloween party after Trick-or-Treat. No costume, no admittance.

And now the bad news.  Somehow I made it through the night without (wince) taking one photo.  I know, I know!  We did get video and if I ever figure out how to post it on this site, I will.  But it was a creepy/fun setup.  The fog machine was well worth the twenty bucks.

Now the focus turns to Thanksgiving or, as we like to refer to it, Carbfest 2005.  Let the feasting begin.