The Tree Gods Will Get Me

I'm sitting in front of my computer (obviously) watching as the Epson printer to my left churns out document after document.  "Wa-hoo, wa-hoo, wa-hoo, wa-hoo..." is the noise it makes as it spews out copy after copy. 

I look to my right and there are no less than eight different mounds of paper piled around the floor.  The cats weave in and out of the stacks as if they're participating in a life-size maze (pausing, of course, to rub their faces against the corner of each stack thereby declaring it "mine"). The desk behind me is...well, the desk is not visible at the moment, as it's piled high with "already copied," "to be copied," "need to decide if I'm copying or not" and other piles of paper of varying degree of importance.

The environmental god (walking the earth this moment under the guise of Leonardo DiCaprio) will get me for this.  I have the equivalent of a small forest laid in front of me. An unexpected breeze that ruffled the piles would be all it takes to send me over the edge.

Most of it will disappear after class tomorrow. I upped the ante from my 20 handouts and added 5 more.  (UNC-G did offer to reimburse me for paper or ink, so kudos to them.) 

I think I'll go outside and water a bush or something.  You know, just to make amends.