Decorating Diaries: Floor & Tile

A few of you have e-mailed me asking for an update on the master bath progress, so here it is:

  • Floor guys couldn't come on Friday because a part wasn't in, so they'll be here later today (Monday). 
  • I received via fax a floor estimate yesterday from counter woman, who is henceforth to be known as "counter and tile woman."  I just left her a voicemail.  The pricing looks good, but I need to know if they are willing to do the tile work for the floor AND shower, or just the floor.  If it's just the floor, I'd just as soon have a tile guy come in who will do everything all at once.  But since she designed the floor and ordered the tile, I'm hoping she'll agree to just do it all.
  • Counter and tile woman is looking into finding a liner for my shower for me.  (Then she will be "counter, tile, and liner woman.") Once I know the size of the liner, I can look at shower doors.  Once I order a shower door, I give the measurements to my contractor, who will build in the walls so that they fit a standard shower door and we don't have to spend the money to order a custom door.
  • I've asked my contractor to come in and work on some drywall/taping repairs.
  • Blair and I need to get our butts in gear and pick out lighting fixtures so we can get the lighting guy in. We want crap, I can't think of the know, those little round lights installed flush in the ceiling?  Whatever those are called, we want those over the shower and over the countertop area.  But since they're installed in the ceiling, I would assume those would go in before the taping/drywall repair?
  • At some point, having a toilet installed would also be a good thing.

Our front guest bedroom has become a parts place.  We've got the toilet, shower fixtures, old bathroom mirrors, heating vent, and God know what else piled around the floor in there, each waiting for their special moment when it's time to be installed in the bathroom.  Blair says the bathroom will be done before Christmas.  I'm not as optimistic. But I'm willing to leave out cookies and beer for Santa if it might help.