New Picture: Love or Hate?

I've received mixed responses to the new picture I posted on this blog (look right).  So, out of a lack of anything really interesting to watch on TV, I decided to ask my blog readers (Hi Mom!) your preference of photo.  First we have Photo #1:

Photo Headshot.jpg

This is the photo I use everywhere - on my website, on the Lessons In Stalking website, bio pics for articles, etc.

This is Photo #2:


I've had people tell me they love it, and others indicated that while it's a nice photo, having me sitting at a desk creates a barrier between me and readers so it's not as friendly like as Photo #1.

And, just for fun, we'll include dark horse Photo #3:


So, if like me you too can find nothing good on TV, please take a moment to vote for your photo preference.  There is also a write-in Option of "No one cares and quit posting d--- pictures of yourself on the web."  The goal here is to have every viewpoint heard. 

I'll be anxiously awaiting the results as I comb through channels for a good Seinfeld rerun.