The Million Dollar Homepage

Have you heard of the Million dollar Home Page?  It's the brainstorm of a 21-year old in Britain, looking to pay for college.  He created a home page of a million pixels and sells advertising space on the page for $1 a pixel (minimum order of 100 pixels).  His goal is, obviously, to raise a million dollars. 

He's already at close to $700,000.  More than that, the site is getting huge press attention and has about 700,000 unique visitors a month.  Click here to read the Nov. 22, 2005 write up on the site in the Wall Street Journal.

Why am I writing about this?  Because I took a gamble and decided to buy some pixel space.  And a gamble it is.  I was only willing to shell out the $100 for the smallest allotment of pixels, which means you can't properly see my graphic.  (However, if your cursor passes over it a message pops up that reads: "Cat Humor Book - Erma Bombeck of Cat Writers!")  But the site is new, people are intrigued, there are testimonials from people who have seen a marked increase in traffic to their site since signing up for a slot on the page, and even the WSJ seemed to offer an endorsement.  So, I'm in.  Best scenario, new people find my book site.  Worst case, I'm out one hundred bucks.

To find my link on The Million Dollar Homepage , go to the site and look about halfway down the screen for a large red "15" on a blue background.  My cat icon is to the immediate top right of the number 15.   If you need more help, look for the "Web Hosting" block, fairly large, with a small heart in a block underneath it.  Go down about four big squares from there and you'll see the number 15 and move your cursor to the right and you'll find me.

I've only been up for a day.  After a month, I'll see if I can track how many hits are coming in from the site.