Speaking to High School Kids

It's 12 pm and I'm sitting in a Panera, killing time before my speech at 1:15  to a group of high school students. The subject I was given to speak on is "public speaking," which is pretty broad.  I'm going to tailor it to speaking in public for interviews and do in class examples of how kids can "control" what others think of them by mastering their body language and eye contact.  I spoke to this age group last year on networking and didn't think I did a very good job--everyone looked very bored as I spoke--but was told later I was voted one of the classes' favorite speakers.  That made me feel good.  Maybe chair slouching and crossed arms is actually high-school speak for "You Rock!"  (Or not...)

I'm teaching a magazine writing class this Saturday for which I've been prepping all week.  So far I'm up to 20 handouts per person.  The class size will run 15-20 people, so I've been giving my printer quite the workout.  I'm hoping there may be some sort of copying stipend available through the University. But if not, I'll just suck it up. I'd rather present needed information that people can take home versus worrying about reimbursement.

My class is 3 hours long and I can't decide if I have enough material to fill the hours, or if I'm trying to pack too much in. This is my first time teaching this particular workshop and it's hard to judge accurately until I've taught the class at least once.  Plus,  a lot depends on class interaction.  I try to encourage as much talking/questions/discussion as possible-- makes it more interesting than watching me yak for three hours.

Nothing much else going on.  E-mail didn't come back until early this morning but thank God, it's back. Blair is working all hours and the cats are still trying to hang out on the new bedding.  The floor people are coming Friday to install the heated floor and if I can get my general contractor to call me back and come in for taping and drywall work, all will be right with the world.