Spooky Found A Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just received this e-mail from the volunteer coordinator at Happy Hills Animal Foundation:

Hi, Dena!
I just learned that Spooky WAS adopted and it would have never happened if you had not asked Happy Hills to join you [at your book launch].  I don't know all the particulars, but it definitely had something to do with him being present at your book signing!!!  Congratulations!


I am SO HAPPY I can't even describe it.  I LOVE that cat.  So soft and calm and when he leaned in and head-butted me and then licked my nose...well.  God certainly  has his (or her!) angels here on earth and Spooky is one of them. I wish him the very best of best lives.

If by any weird twist of fate Spooky's new owner comes across this site, I would love to hear from you and post an update on how Spooky's taken to home life. It's amazing how one small cat can so quickly touch so many lives.  I've had friends and e-mails, asking me about Spooky.  So happy to report back with good news.