Any Super-Hot Books Selling? Oh yeah, mine. ;)

I'm so happy.  I just received a phone call from the manager at our area Borders.  I've been sending people there who want to buy a copy of my book but don't want to pay shipping and handling.  A few people recently told me they were out of copies, so calling Borders was actually on my "to do" list for the day, anyway.

They want 10 more.  The manager said, "We were in staff meeting and I asked, 'So, are there any super-hot books selling?' and a few people offered, 'We've got a lot of requests for this Lessons In Stalking book.'"  So yea--I'm a red-hot book!  Many thanks to my friends who went to Borders to buy the book--keep it up! =)

What's odd is that I never saw my book on the store shelf.  I thought for sure I'd be in there Day 1 taking photos and I kept meaning to get by but never did.  But this time I'll get by and get a picture of me standing next to my title in a Borders Store--turning my book face out as all authors do, trying to up our chance for a sale.