Holiday Stress? Not In This Household.

At yoga class this morning, two of the women with children were bemoaning the fact that they were nowhere near done with their holiday shopping.  Today and tomorrow they planned to "race" to stores and "fight" the crowds and "drag" the kids to see Santa.

I am so happy I don't have to deal with any of that.  And it's not necessarily just because we don't have kids.  Plenty of people I know are stressing about family coming in, cleaning house, cooking meals, finding the right gift for the spouse, sister, mother-in-law, boyfriend, etc. 

Truthfully, I rarely if ever experience holiday stress.  Thanksgiving weekend we put up the tree, buy and wrap gifts, and send out the Christmas cards so after that weekend we're pretty much free to just sit back and relax.  We don't buy each other presents (I'm telling you, that is the way to go--SO much less stress) and we only buy gifts for our niece and nephews so our shopping is minimal. We 're doing our favorite thing  for the holiday which is to hang out with each other.  We'll probably see "Narnia" over the holiday weekend but other than that, we have no plans other than to read the paper, drink coffee, and nibble on holiday cookies.  My only disappointment is that it's supposed to be near 60 degrees on Saturday.  I prefer a blustery Christmas day.

The only possible stress might come from my plan to make this the year we finally manage to get the mini-reindeer antlers on the cats.  So yes, a trip to the Emergency Room for either or both of us might be stressful.

Here's hoping your final shopping weekend is calm, relaxed, and injury free.