Cats & Fun-Filled Variety

I'm looking at the platic container that holds the seafood-flavored Pounce snacks our cat Lucy is so fond of. (The kitten, Olivia, could give a rip. She eats what's in her bowl and that's that.)

The Pounce cat treats come in--as advertisted--"A Medly of Fun Shapes!" And indeed, there is a clam shell, a star, and a fish. Yup, fun stuff, as promised.

Here's my question. Why, exactly, do my cats need a "medly of fun shapes?" It's not like they're toddlers I'm trying to con into eating their broccoli. They're cats. They can't read. And I'm damn sure Lucy, who is a good 8 pounds overweight, doesn't stay up nights debating whether the clam shell or the star is her favorite shape. That kibble is history in her stomach before it has a chance to bounce twice on the floor.

Here's another quote direct from the bottle: "A Great Tasting Seafood Flavor Mix of 3 Shape Varieties That Will Keep Your Cat Pouncing!"

Yeah, um, my cats pounce on lint? I'm thinking the Pounce company is losing serious money taking the time to stamp out these shapes.

One more quote. "Feed All 3 Shapes As A Snack For A Happy Cat!"

Implying what? That your cat will go into a deep depression if denied the fish-shaped kibble? Are we not under enough pressure to be responsible pet owners as it is? Speaking I think for all of us, I say back off Pounce people! We are doing the best we can.