Star Wars No More

In delicious anticipation of the last (bye-bye, Lucas) Star Wars movie, Blair and I have begun the task of watching all of the prior Star Wars movie so we're up to date on backstory and trivia, ready to rip the new movie apart as soon as it appear onscreen.

I was seven the year the original Star Wars came out and watching the opening credits, when those big yellow words "Once long ago, in a galaxy far, far away...." appear onscreen along with that most awesome of music scores, it's like being a child again. I saw Star Wars seven times in the theatre. Seven times. I could take a small trip to Europe now for what it would cost to see a movie seven times in a theatre. Plus, as Blair pointed out, Star Wars stuck around in theaters for almost a year. I think Return of the King was probably only around for 6 weeks.

But, sadly, age has crept in and we find ourselves a little jaded as we watch the Star Wars movies. First of all, Lucas really messed up consistency wise. Obi-wan wasn't trained by Yoda, as he claims in The Empire Strikes Back. And why doesn't Obi-wan remember R2-D2? And why doesn't C3PO recall Tatooine (or Vader, for that matter). There's a lot of lose ends to be ties up in the final movie. I hope Lucas is up to the task.

I still love Han though. You know how ducklings imprint onto their mother at birth? I did that with Harrison Ford as Han Solo. No matter where Harrison Ford is, what age he is, or what he's doing, I'm frankly always more than a little disappointed not to find a Wookie somewhere by his side. Remember the movie Witness? Maybe the Amish were hiding the Wookie in the barn. It could happen.

Switching tracks, I did find out for sure that at least 2 of my stories have made it into the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul book. Good news, as I'm hoping some readers from that book will visit my site and buy my cat book. If I ever get my act together and manage to get it to a printer and get it published. The illustrations will be done in 2 weeks, and then there's no excuse but to get it moving.

May the Force Be With Me. (You knew it was coming).