Sigh. Kitties

I've been thinking about the Mommy cat all day. I'm trying to find a home for her and the kittens. I met with my dear friend and gifted illustrator, Linda Santell (who is doing the artwork for my cat book) today and told her the story of the cat. Before I even got into the heart of the story Linda exclaimed, "Oh, I love calico cats!" So now I'm pushing to have her adopt it. She and her husband just lost their kitty a few months ago and have declared a moratorium on bringing new animals into the home. But Linda has a huge heart and I'm going to see if I can get her to visit the mommy cat with me.

I'm also going to write up an article for my local paper about how I found the cat and the 5-hour time period between delivery to vet and the birth of these kittens. I'm hoping I can interest a few people that way in taking some of the kittens.

Finally, I interviewed a woman who owns a historic inn in Massachusetts who mentioned she was looking for two kittens and was having a hard time finding any. Wonder if she'd be wiling to ship some in from NC?

I can't stand for animals not to have homes. Cats and dogs especially are just so full of love and spirit and are so happy just by being around you (except our two cats, who are pretty grouchy unless we're feeding or combing them). Sometimes when I pet my cats and get their purr up to full throttle, and they're tilting their head back so I can scratch under their chin and looking at me with such love, I think, "It will be impossible to have a bad day today after this. How often in life do you get a chance to make someone this happy??"

Everyone hug your animals tonight and tell them one extra time that you love them. And if you know of anyone who wants some beautiful calico cats, contact me!