Threw My Back Out

Ow. Ow. Ow. And again... ow.

I've done something horrible to my back. I spent 10 minutes this morning curled up on the floor of our exercise room, unable to stand and trying to formulate a plan on how to lure the cats to bring the phone to me so I could call an ambulance. My attempts at psychic communication with my felines were either a dire failure or--more likely--they were just ignoring me.

Not sure what happened. I went to power yoga this morning, as I do every Friday morning. Fine, no problems there. Then I came home and pulled out my exercise ball to do some crunches and weight lifting exercises. I did a few squats, stretched out my arms, then I draped myself over the ball. As my back uncurled I was literally thinking, "Ahh..this feels sooo good..." when BAM! Something in my lower back snapped hard and fast enough that I actually screamed.

Too bad someone with a camera wasn't around b/c I probably could win a grand prize on one of those funniest home video shows as I tried to slide off the ball and onto the floor. Only I couldn't slide off or make any movement without excruciating pain from my lower spine. I finally managed to sort of heave the ball out from under me and I dropped to all fours. The plan was to drop to the floor, but I literally couldn't get down there. The only acceptable position was on all fours with my back arched.

Eventually I deep-breathed enough to get myself to the floor. Bad move. Now I was stuck. Couldn't roll over or sit up. More deep breathing. Finally stood up - ow, ow, ow! Back to the floor. And up. And back to the floor.

During this whole time the exercise tape I'd put in was running, so as I'm trying to uncurl from the fetal position, some toned man named "Gunner" is yelling at me from the VCR to "suck in those abs like somebody hot is coming! C'mon people, let's DO IT!" It struck me as funny that 10 minutes before I was very concerned about my abs. Now I was just hoping to be able to shower at some point without help.

It's been almost two hours and I'm up and about. Still stiff, and I notice I'm holding my back very stiff and straight, trying not to do any bending. On the bright side, I see this as a free ticket not to exercise for the next few days. On the darker side, I hope it clears up because we're heading out on vacation next week.

Stay tuned...