Dead Battery

My mom is in town visiting for a few days. Her flight in was a comedy of errors. Lost in the Chicago airport and parking garages, seat assignment lost, no gate assignment, and then near the end of the flight her pilot hops on the intercom and announces, "Should the aircraft be required to make an emergency landing, you are to leave all personal belongings on the plane and exit immediately. Thank you."

Mom turns to the woman next to her. "Have you ever heard a captain make an announcement like that before?"

The woman, wide-eyed, shook her head. "No."

They look at each other and each pulled their seatbelts a little tighter.

But she made it. On the way to our home though, we encounter a traffic jam from an accident. We look at her and jokingly I say, "You're a jinx." We all laugh.

Then yesterday Mom and I are out shopping. We zip around town and end up at some furniture stores. We climb into my car, desperate for air conditioning to cut the 90 degree humidity.

I turn the key. Nothing. I try again. Nothing. I pull the key out, look at it, insert it and try again. Nada. Not even a click. I look at Mom. "Not my fault," she says, grinning.

"No,no, you're right," I say. "This is why God created AAA." We call for a tow truck and head to a restaurant next door to wait. (Brixx Pizza on Westridge Terrace -gave us our drinks free while we waited. Thank you!)

Tow truck guy arrives and jump starts the car. Yea! We head for home. We get about a 1/2 mile and the car dies at the first stoplight. And we're on Battleground Avenue, the busiest road in Greensboro where folks do not take at all kindly to stalled cars and their owners.

"Pull the guy's number out," I'm yelling at Mom while I pop the hood. "He can't be far away!"

She finds his number and I call (what on earth did we do before cell phones?) only to get the machine. "Aaauuugh," I moan, which quickly changes to a whoop of triumph as I see our tow truck guy pull up behind us. Yes! We're saved!

(The adventure continues tomorrow...)