Still can't decide on the cover art for the book. My illustrator, Linda Santell, is working on "new eyes" for the cat that graces the current cover. My instructions to her are "Less happy, more sneaky, but not mean or evil looking." What a joy I must be to work with as a client.

I'm wondering how many times I'm allowed to go back to my cover designer and say, "Could you change just one more thing....?"

I'm feeling good about the dual websites. My friend Rachel told me yesterday that according to all her reading, it's better to have more and separate websites as it's more likely people will find you.

I checked my stats for my personal website and found out last year that just under 2000 people from almost 50 countries visited the site. Isn't that wild that I can get a breakdown by country on who saw my site when? Big Brother is really watching.