Last Minute Speech

Question: How do you know when it's time to update your blog?

Answer: When your mother sends you and e-mail that she's tired of looking at your "stupid flowers."

Can I help it if I think it's important that you all experience happiness and contentment vicariously through me? (Please don't send hate mail...)

Okay, the reason I haven't written lately is because I've been burning the candle pulling together a 45-minute speech to deliver to 30 people tomorrow at the District 37 Toastmaster's Leadership Institute Training Session (sounds impressive, eh?)

I got a call from our Area Governer late Sunday night, asking for a "huge favor" and could I please fill in a 9am workshop slot with a 45-minute speech?

"On what?" I asked.

"I don't care."

All-righty. I love free reign. Unfortunately, I couldn't give my standard "Scared Speechless" workshop because the toastmasters attending this session are the officers of the area groups. They're experienced speakers.

I decided to speak on "Establishing Yourself As A Professional Speaker." Great. I loved the topic, wrote it up, then said it aloud.

One rule I teach in my class is that if you're bored giving your speech, you will absolutely bore your audience. I found myself falling asleep 10 minutes in so back to the drawing board.

I gave the speech in front of Blair last night (I never rehearse my speeches with him) and it was extremely helpful. We came up with an intro that was much more on target and let the audience know exactly what I would be covering. So I printed out some handouts a few minutes ago, gathered my business cards, and I'm good to go.

All that's left is to pray to the humidity gods for a good hair day.