Jekyll Island - Day 2

Rested, refreshed and, of course, up early, we're out the door. First thing on our agenda is renting bikes to ride around the island. Our hotel provides them and within 5 minutes we're off and peddling (Blair feeling slightly emasculated because they were girl bikes with no manly top bar on them).

We stopped at different ruins and plaques around the island as we biked. At one point we stopped to admire the waterway and there was a beautiful tree with some small, delicate blossoms on it. I leaned in and inhaled.

"They're pretty," I commented, "but they don't smell much."

"Just like you," said Blair. I stared at him.

"What? I said you're pretty," he said.

"And I don't smell much," I added.

He smiled. "Yeah. That too."

(People ask me if my husband is romantic and I say sure, he's romantic...)

The island had great bike trails and we circled practically the entire island in under 3 hours, and that was with many stops along the way. We biked out to the fishing pier and watched the shrimp boats. Then we headed toward the beach.

The bike path runs parallel to the beach. The great thing about this island is there's an ordinance that homes can't be built on the beach. So it's wonderfully open and clean and you don't get the feeling like you do at so many other beaches that all the land is taken. Indeed, one day we went for a walk and probably went 1/2 mile on the beach and only saw 3-4 other people.

Anyway, there are benches along the bike path on the beach and we pulled over to rest and admire the ocean. Suddenly, I grabbed Blair's arm. "Look!" I said.

Jumping out of the water every few feet was a dolphin. We sat in silence and watched it make its way across the water. Sun, bikes, ocean, dolphin. It was a good day.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that VERY early that morning, before we got on the bikes, we did take a short walk on the beach and came across turtle flipper tracks, where 2 turtles had pushed themselves from the rocks into the water. Very cool.

After the bike ride we had lunch then headed out to the hotel pool where we both proceeded to fall asleep and Blair actually woke himself up from snoring.

Had a disappointing dinner at Crane cottage which everyone on the Island was raving about. Took another brief walk as the sun set (looking again at the flowers that are pretty but don't smell, just like me) then headed inside.

One full day left and then we were homeward bound.