Jekyll Island - Last Day

Okay, Blair informed me last night it's high time I wrapped up this vacation narrative so here it is -- The Final Day.

We were at loose ends when we woke up Thursday morning. Jekyll Island is small and, Putt-Putt aside, we'd pretty much done most of what there was to do yesterday with the bike riding and the walking on the beach.

We decided to bike ride again. Fun, but ouch, my butt was hurting something fierce from that seat. After the bike ride we played croquet where, unbelievably, Blair beat me twice. Beginner's luck. We hit the stores, had lunch, and then headed out to the beach where we plopped ourselves on the sand for the next 5 hours.

Napped, took long walks, and walked far, far, far into the ocean on a sand bar. That was wild. We must have been a good 1/2 mile into the ocean but the water was only up to our knees. We found the shell of a big hermit crab and then a perfectly formed sand dollar which we guarded by our towels, only to have Blair put it in is pocket for safekeeping for the drive back to the hotel and accidentally break it. So much for the free souvenir.

We saw a baby alligator floating beneath the pier of a restaurant. (The question everyone was asking was, "Where's momma?")We dressed up for a romantic dinner in the Grand Dining Room, or what could have been a romantic dinner if they hadn't kept the AC at sub-zero temperatures so my teeth chattered through the whole meal. I am sick to death of freezing my ass off every time I go into a restaurant. It ruins the meal and I'm not happy about having to huddle in a wool sweater in the middle of summer.

We woke up early the next day (4:30 again), packed and were out the door by 5:30. I slept quite a bit so we didn't even stop for breakfast but went straight through to lunch and ended up home a little before 2. I of course immediately emptied the suitcase and began washing clothes (I can't STAND a packed suitcase sitting around the house) and Blair collapsed on the bed. The cats acted indifferent to our return. All was back to normal.