Sick Kitty

As I went to hop into the shower before my writer's panel meeting my left foot stepped in something warm.  I looked down and liquid appeared splashed across the carpet.  Warm liquid? For anyone who owns a pet, this sets off warning bells.

Moments earlier I'd seen our younger cat Olivia slink under our bed so I had my suspicions on who the culprit was.  Was she upset at us for being gone?  We'd only been gone a little over 48 hours--hardly worth a vengeance pee.  I worried she was sick.

I went into the hall and there near the litter box was a bit of goo, as if someone had spit up.  Now I was worried.  I went and found Blair.

"Olivia pee'd on the floor and threw up a little, " I said.  "So keep an eye on her."

I hoped in the shower and Blair came in a few minutes later to say he'd found Olivia under the bed, along with a bit more sick-up. 

Blair had been planning on going out to our property to do some work but as he was getting in the car to pull away I waved him back into the house.

"I know it's not fair and I know nothing is going to happen, but can you please stay home with Olivia until I get back from my meeting?"

He's a good sport.  He really wanted to go get some work done but my nerves were already under stress from other issues and I really would have been worried about the cats if left alone.  I have that "worst case scenario" ability and imagined Olivia choking or passing out and no one here to help her.  I also knew the chances of that happening were slim but if one of us was going to have the "I told you so" last word, in this scenario I was happy to give it to Blair.

And she was fine.  She's looked a little stressed all evening but she's stayed out with us, which is a good sign. She usually hides when she's sick.  So we'll keep an eye on her and see how it goes.