The Decorating Diaries

When we last left our heroine she was surrounded by paint samples and fabric swatches, fighting to retain her sanity.  Sadly, the battle was not to be won.

Enter the decorator.  Having proved time and again they are incapable of bringing together matching prints on their own, our favorite couple has  sought the services of a professional (decorator, not therapist...not yet anyway). The decorator took them shopping, showed them pretty things and promised it could all be theirs.

One teeny-tiny problem.  Said decorator came in with a budget DOUBLE of what our duo had allocated.  Being the calm, nurturing soul that she is, our heroine (that's me) pitched what may best be described as "a hissy fit." Decorator woman backtracked and cut her cost in half, but much of the pretty stuff was taken away. Settee?  Gone.  Black table with beautiful inlaid gold-leaf trim?  Buh-bye.  Pretty red leather boxes that would look oh-so-cute perched precariously atop a walnut armoire?  No boxes, no armoire. 

Hope remains.  It appears our duo is on the verge of picking out--and committing to--fabric selections for bedding and curtains as well as paint.  Could this be the turning point in the bedroom gone horrible awry?  Will our couple finally find the warm, romantic, yet not overly frou-frou or decadent looking environmental solace they've been seeking?  Stay tuned...