Kitchen Table Purchase

Blair and I went shopping today for matching bedside dressers and came home instead with a new kitchen table.  That's typical of us.  We're very much the impulse buyers which has not always served us well in the long run.

There was the decision,  for example, to purchase a beautiful taupe and mint blue scenery throw while on our trip in Savannah.  The fabric is like cashmere and the threading intricate and beautiful.  However, there is not one room in my home where a beige and blue throw would even vaguely fit into the decor.  Yet I managed while standing in the store to convince myself that if I bought pieces I loved, somehow they would all find a home.  Yeah, not so much.  The throw remains folded into a square and tucked away in a drawer where I'll probably pull it out every 8 months, remember I have it, wish once again for a place to display it, then hide it away again.

But I digress. Back to the table.

We've had a heck of a time finding anything to fit the space.  It's a narrow rectangular room, small, but with one wall of windows and 3 door openings, and odd angles creating a hexagonal feel.  A closed off fireplace juts into the middle of the room from one wall, making it near impossible to fit any sort of regular sized table in there.  One decorator advised us a 32 x 32 square table would look best.  Have you ever tried to find a 32 x 32 sqaure table?  I have, and unless it's for a child's dollhouse, they don't make them.

So we were intrigued when we found a 24 x 42 round table with leaves that can be folded down to shove the table against the wall (Iif for some reason in life it would become necessary to shove my breakfast table against the wall.  I can't imagine any such reason, but it's nice to feel prepared).

We took it home and it actually fit and looks great.  A little on the country side, but we're looking to de-formalize the look of our house and as long as I don't cross over into dried flower arranagments, I'm okay with a little of the country look.

The question becomes what to do with our old table.  It's from Blair's bachelor days and is a This End Up table that is near indestructible.  And big.  We'll probably see if any friends with kids need a sturdy piece of furniture and offer it to them.