50 Pictures On A Sunday Morning...(that'll wake you up!)

I've been using one photo for the past several years as my "author headshot" and this morning decided it was time to make some changes.  I got up, showered, put on makeup and carefully styled my hair, then asked Blair to take some close-ups of me with the digital camera.  Needless to say, the morning came close to ending in tears...

My face is not symmetrical.  A small thing in life to complain about, surely, but a flaw nonetheless.  I read an article in some semi-scientific magazine once (I was waiting at my doctor's office) and in it they discussed a study that found that we like to look at people with symmetrical features.  I remember they used Denzel Washington as an example.  If you look at him straight on and draw a line down the center of his face, the right side mirrors the left.

Anyway, my left eye squinches shut when I smile and it gives me a lopsided look.  So I spent the morning trying to turn only the right side of my face toward the camera.  Poor Blair tried hard to keep me in good spirits as I looked at the proofs (I miss the good old days when we could wait a week to see how bad we looked on film) and muttered, "No, not that one.  No, not that one either," and then stalked into the bathroom to add on yet one more coat of lipstick.

We did get some okay shots.  These two are probably my favorite:



I'm going to have to bite the bullet someday soon and pay a professional photographer.  Blair is aching for a new digital camera and tried to convince me I'd look pretty if a new camera was taking the photo.  I wanted to believe him. =)

We also had to get some shots with the cats for the Afterword in the book.  Riiight.  Not a chance.  Here's the best photo we were able to get of Lucy. Notice how I've thrown myself on top of her to prevent her from leaving.Lucy_Dena_book.jpg


I'll share more pics later, including perhaps some "blooper" shots where the cats were leaping out of our arms as the flash went off.  Tricky little devils, they are.