Tornado Warnings

The rain has been slamming down for the past 4 hours and it was pitch dark outside at about 3pm.  We're under a tornado warning, which means they spotted one, but that was around 3:45 this afternoon.  I've had my face stuck in my laptop all day, working on an article on the Tibetan Terrier (don't you wish you had my life) for Dog & Kennel magazine.  When I finally flipped on the TV late this afternoon there were warnings firing off at the bottom of the screen that everyone in my county should move to a safe location.

Like most people though, I assumed they weren't talking to me and plopped myself down on the couch to watch the coverage.  "If I a tornado comes, I'll hear it first and run into the hall," I thought.  The thought hadn't even left my head when the news anchor said, "If you hear or see a tornado, it may be too late to take shelter."  They know we're a bunch of loose cannons out here.

Besides, where would I take shelter?  No basement so I guess the guest bathroom, the only room without windows.  But I'm not going in there without my cats!  And what do you think my chances of herding them in there are???

My friends Bob & Rachel are setting out for a cross-country drive to Seattle, their new home, in this monsoon.  What a way to start a trip.  Safe journey guys!