Writer's Yearbook EXTRA from Writer's Digest

Writer's Digestis a well-known magazine for aspiring writers and I had an article published in there last year about creating a successful 30-second pitch (also known as an "elevator pitch.") The article got picked up and included in their Special 2005 Yearbook Extra issue.  My special copy was just delivered to my door by UPS and I nearly broke a wrist trying to tear off the apparently untearable plastic casing.

The fun part is my article is listed on the cover: "GET NOTICED in 30 seconds"  -- That's me.  We writers live for these sorts of things.  Doesn't matter that my names not on it and chances are few people reading the issue will even bother glancing at my by-line.  My story made the cover listing.  Ya-hoo, I say.  Ya-hoo.

I do hope someone reads the byline though as it mentions my Lessons In Stalking book site.  Aaargh....I wish the book was ready!  I haven't heard back from my book designer on the last batch of edits.  I e-mailed him a follow-up earlier this week and have heard nothing.  I'm trying to balance that fine line between follow-up and stalking.  I think I'll risk the stalking.  I want to get the book to the printer ASAP, especially now that Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul is coming out in September and I have bylines coming out advertising the book.

The book is--I think--available on Amazon. com, or will be.  If you search for the title or my name, the book will appear.  However, what was supposed to happen was I joined this Advantage program of theirs so they would host my book.  I was supposed to receive an e-mail confirming I (and the book) were accepted in the program.

I heard nothing so I e-mailed Amazon and asked: 1) Have I been accepted?  2) Your guidelines state a password will be mailed to me.  I have not received it.  Can you forward.

I got back a nice long reply from Amazon about ordering my book with not one mention if I was accepted ( I guess so) and nothing about a password.  Okey-dokey, we'll just try that again using smaller words and more white space.

If you pick up an issue of the Writer's Yearbook Extra, check out page 14.  Me!