Meet Max!

Our friends Mariela and Dean have a new dog!  This is Max.  Here's Mariela's story of how they came by him:

"Dean found him on the side of the road, near Asheboro. He seems to be 3 months old. At first he was shy, trembling, afraid of everything, even the click of his nails on the tile floors...  You just wanted to give him love, hug him, and make him feel protected. meetmax.jpgHe was even afraid of the chickens and duck... he'd hide behind our legs to peek at them. But now he's just a happy puppy, very alive...He's even chasing after the chickies and the duck.  Funny!

He was in bad shape though, after eating whatever he found on the side of the road, but he is now taking vitamins and other medications, as well as eating nutritious foods."
Look at that face!  What a sweetie pie.  Max doesn't even know how good he's going to have it.  Mariela and Dean are two of the nicest people on earth.  That puppy's guardian angel was looking out for him.
Welcome, Max!!