On The Radio

Note to self: Ask radio host to record interview before the show starts, not after.

Had my 15 minutes of fame and then some today.  200880-178960-thumbnail.jpg
Dena ready to burst into song...(not!)
I went in for what I thought would be a 10-minute radio interview with host Dusty Dunn at WGOS 1070 AM in Greensboro , and ended up getting almost an hour's play time.  Thumbs up to the DJ!

As I was driving into Greensboro, I tuned my radio into the station.  Literally, just as turned on the station I heard Dusty's voice: "We've given air time in the past to dogs lovers and this morning we're going to have a local woman who's an expert on cats join us.  Her name is Dena Harris and she's written a book, Lessons In Stalking, and she's also got some stories in the Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul book, so we'll look forward to speaking with Dena about 9 o'clock today."

Drivers in the lane next to me may have wondered why I was pumping my arms and cheering, but who cares?

I got to the studio which was a tiny little room upstairs in this old but very cool downtown building.  We started the interview and about 3 minutes in Dusty's producer signalled that another Chicken Soup writer was on the line.  Since she was calling from San Francisco at 6am, Dusty gave her the first 10 minutes of the interview.  Then, since he had a vacant slot and time to fill, I got the rest of the time up until the show's close at 10 AM.  I got in numerous plugs for the book and we even had 3-4 people call in, which was cool.

One guy wanted to know what he should do with the all kittens his cat had - the shelters were full.  I had no real answer for that one other than family and friends, but I did get a plea in to please spay/neuter your pets and there are so many great cats waiting to be adopted at shelters, please check them out.

Another woman just wanted to know how to order my book (a big hello and shout-out to you, ma'am, whereever you may be), and another was just calling in to say how great cats are.

It's hard to evaluate yourself, especially while speaking.  My friend Pam listened in and said I talked a little fast, but otherwise came across as funny and interesting. 

Blair's workplace didn't pick up the signal (although I found out later he and all my out-of-state friends/relatives could have listened to the show via the web) so he can't comment.  And, as stated in my opening, I didn't realize the show wasn't being taped.

All in all, I feel positive about the experience.  I'm glad my first time on radio being interviewed was with such a kind and pleasant person. He also welcomed me back when the book is out.  So once I get my book launch set, I may try to get another few minutes back on air.

The pictures here are of Dusty Dunn, the host,200880-178961-thumbnail.jpg and me sitting in Dusty's chair.  My chair was across from him with a mike, but he thought the better shot woud be of me with more of the equipment.  We took the photos right after the interview concluded.