Bottoms Up!

So I started drinking at about 1 pm yesterday.  This would be worrisome except for the fact that I average about 6 glasses of alcohol a year, so I'm hoping the fact that I had 1/2 a glass of wine in the early afternoon is not a forbearance of terrible habits to come.

I decided early yesterday, probably about 10:30 AM, that I was taking a mental health day.  I still accomplished a number of things, most of them decorating and errand-running related (my dry cleaners was very happy to see me.  Our clothes were starting to overtake the place), but gave myself permission to just chill out and spend my day as needed.  So I be-bopped down to the fridge about 1:30, ostensibly for some blueberry yogurt, and that's when I saw the open wine bottle and thought, "Hmmm.  Wine in the afternoon.  Decadent.  Yes, definitely me," and poured myself a glass.

I've discovered that drinking puts me in a cleaning mood.  I was sipping the wine while working on the computer when all of a sudden the dust along the keyboard just seemed to POP out at me.  "Shameful," I thought.  So I set the wine down and went and grabbed Pledge, Windex, and toilet bowl cleaner and had myself a little upstairs cleaning party for the next 40 minutes.  Cleaning is also a cure to stop drinking, b/c the last thing I wanted after cleaning was wine, so the rest of the glass went down the drain.

No booze today though.  Back to work.  I'm going to try and slam out rough drafts on two new article and maybe pull together a query letter.  Also need to make a few new auto appointments for my column.

It's chilly here this morning.  Fall is making its early rumblings.  I opened the back door so the cats could get some air and their little noses were just twitching like mad as they tried to take in all the scents on the wind.  I spent some much needed one-on-one time with each cat yesterday, so I think we're all good now.  They're both in front of the computer desk, staring at me with hopeful, "come pet me!" eyes and glaring at one another as I type this. 

Of course Mommy will come pet!  Work can surely wait until later....