Updates All Around

I don't have enough of any one subject to make a full blog entry so I thought I'd take today to piecemeal updates on different projects.

  1. The Battle of "You Know."  As mentioned in a prior post, I am trying to break myself of saying "You know" and "okay" in everyday speech.  Progress is being made in that I'm catching myself saying it (4 times last night at Wendy's in about a 20-minute time frame--sheesh!) but I haven't yet stopped  saying it.  That will come.  I'm also expanding the "no-no" list to include "actually."  I start way too many sentences that way.  "Actually, I think you're right."  "Actually, I think we turn left here."  There is just no need.
  2. Big Cat Book Project.  Completed and turned in.  I'm very happy with the final product and they seem to be too.  The release date for the book is April 2006.  For a person with little to no patience, I chose a really poor field to enter.
  3. Lessons In Stalking.  My first ad for the book came out in the November issue of Cats & Kittens.  The editor there was good to me and not only placed an ad, but gave me a book review and put a picture of my book in the Table of Contents for people to flip to the review.  I'll just sit back now and wait for the orders to start pouring in. =)
  4. Decorating Diaries.  We meet with the bathroom woman this week.  I don't think that's her official title (at least, I hope not) but lucky her, that's how we refer to her since we'll be selecting the cabinets and tile with her.
  5. Cats.  They're lucky their cute.  I spend 10 minutes every morning going around the bottom half of our home, opening windows to let in fresh air.  We have the old fashioned windows that swing out vs. up, so to open a window means pushing up the storm window, shoving the window open, locking it, then pulling the screen down.  Not to mention bracing most windows with a post so they don't accidentally slam shut on a kitty tail.  My point being, a fair amount of work is involved.  So what do the cats do?  Hunker down in the air-conditioned upstairs for five-hour siestas.
  6. Public Speaking.  I'm signed up to do an October workshop for the WGOT and the library on Public Speaking Tips for Writers.  However, looks like my Saturday magazine writing class is not going to make.  The college instructor said the gas prices were really hurting attendance at non-mandatory classes--people just can't afford to drive out to them. It's schedule again for November so I remain hopeful I'll still get the class--and some magazine writers--going.

And finally, Dena's tip for the day.  Throw out your scale.  We got rid of ours about 2 months ago because it was never right and would show a six pound weight gain or loss from day to day--talk about mood swings! But I feel great without it.  Now I actually go by how I look and how my clothes fit vs. a number on the scale.  Yeah, yeah, the experts have been saying that for years but who listens to them?  Trust me--much happier life with no scale.