DayTimer Defeat & Other Odds & Ends

I have been humbled by the weekly day planner.  I can't make it work and I'm giving up now, before I waste any more time.  I had visions of grandeur, in that I would plan each day down to the minute so as to squeeze the most productivity out of every hour.  Instead, I discovered I'm a rebel.  And the rebel part of me refuses to have my every move dictated.

So I stopped by Staples last night and picked up my trusty $13 month-at-a-glance planner that has been my companion for 17 years now.  I'm very excited about spending some time later this morning transferring my existing appointments and obligations into the monthly planner.  This weekly one was giving me heart failure.  I would forget to look to the week ahead and be stunned to find out I had a Sunday meeting or an article was due next Tuesday.  The older we get, the more we are set in our ways...

Speaking of getting old, I'm taking up knitting.  Yes, you read right.  Knitting.  My friend Melody has become--I don't think "obsessed" is too strong a word--obsessed with the craft. I met her for coffee yesterday and she showed me her sundry of projects and had me knit a row.  And I say this now, with great pride and no fear of retribution: KNITTING IS FUN.

I was so taken I went immediately to the crafts store to buy a starter kit.  However, the starter kits all contained incredibly ugly yarns, so I picked out a silky-soft, feathery, deep mauve yarn from which to craft my first scarf.  I just need to meet with Melody and have her get me started.  Several friends of ours have expressed an interest in learning to knit so we're kicking around the idea of starting the "Hot Women Who Knit" club.  Meeting times to be announced.  (And everyone just start practicing your happy face now for when you receive a scarf from me next year at Christmas).

Good News: The dryer is fixed.  Our contractor came over and had it fixed in no time.  Very pleased. Maybe it bodes well for the progress to be made on the bathroom.