Toastmaster Speech Topic on...What Else?

On the bright side--remembering my vow from yesterday's post to not delay pulling together my next Toastmaster's speech--I am on it. Yesterday afternoon I selected a topic (Bathroom Renovation--what else??) and wrote the speech.  I was on such a high from getting into the game early that I decided I didn't want to wait until my speech date of Feb. 8th to deliver the speech, but would do it asap.  That would be fine, except my fellow Toastmasters seem as taken with the New Year/New Speeches tact as I am, and almost every speakers spot is filled for the next month.  So I took the only date open--this Wednesday.  As in, tomorrow.  So I'll be mumbling a 5-7 minute speech for the next 24 hours, trying to prepare.

That would be okay, except I am booked minute to minute today and tomorrow.  I figured out that from today until 4pm on Friday, I will conduct 15 interviews - 13 in person and 2 over the phone.  That's a lot of interviews, drive time, and writing time.  The good news is that once this week is over, I will be a month ahead in my assignments for the News & Record and can back off a bit.  If I was smart (if, if, if...), I'd do 2 interviews a week for them and stay on top of it.  Instead, what I do is go into a frenzy like I am this week, let all work for them slide for a month, then go into another frenzy.

But it's 7:15 AM and I have a little over an hour until yoga starts--enough time to practice my speech 3-4 times and get set up for my first phone interview today at 11.