Crappy Start to the Day

My Day of Accomplishment has started on a sour note.  This morning was my first meeting at my Triad Networking group. I knew the meeting time was 7:15, but I thought I remembered the first 15 minutes were coffee and chit-chat and the actual meeting started at 7:30. 

I was on time leaving the house, but had to go back when I was 5 minutes down the road because I realized I'd forgotten my Toastmaster manual, and since I'm giving a speech today, that's a necessity.  So I pulled into the parking lot for the Networking group at 7:27 and thought "Yes, I just made it."

Then as I'm opening the door I realize the meeting has already started.  And the way the room is set up, everyone faces the front door, so 40 pairs of eyes are noting my late entry AND I have to walk almost directly in front of the woman speaking to get to a seat.

Turns out the meeting starts at 7:20.  If I'd known that, I would have just skipped the meeting today.  It was a horrible way to introduce myself as a potential new member--"Hi, I'm 10 minutes late and have no regard for your groups schedule." 

A small event in the overall scheme of life, but a crappy, crappy start to the day.