Decorating Diaries--Tile Today???

Oh boy, everybody cross your fingers and say a prayer.  Word on the street is the tile people are coming TODAY. That's right, there is the chance that I may wake up tomorrow morning with a tile floor in my master bathroom. 

They told my general contractor they would be here this morning so I called at 9 AM to firm out a time.  That's when they said (and really, couldn't you have predicted it by this point?) that they might not be able to make it out until the afternoon.  Fine, except for one thing.  I won't BE HERE this afternoon and my General Contractor is at another job.

So after some phone calls, it has been decided that tile guy will try with all his might to get here before 1pm when I leave, but if he can't make it, he will absolutely be here in the morning.  

I'll keep you updated...