My Unproductivity is Everyone Else's Fault

I can't be blamed.  I tried to have a productive day.  Okay, I can be blamed for being a doofus and forgetting everything is closed and locked down today, the first Monday of the New Year.  But if not for that, I would have had a super productive day. 

  • I took my car to be inspected - closed
  • Went to the Post Office - closed
  • Went to deposit a check - bank closed (hmmm...I started to clue in...)

On the bright side, my eye doctor was open so I was able to make an appointment.  Need to update the 'ol eyeglasses prescription.  The only time they could take me is 10 AM tomorrow morning. I have to have my eyes dilated so I can ALSO blame tomorrow's lack of productivity on others, as well. 

And it hasn't been an unproductive day.  I worked my 2 hours on Millicent this morning and have spent the afternoon prepping my NSA University materials.  There was about a 12-minute period of intense rage when I couldn't get the scanner to work, but I've moved on.

My office looks like a bomb blew up in it.  Papers everywhere.  Lucy was nesting earlier in some papers on the floor until I realized they were handouts for my NSA talk and screeched at her to get her hairy butt off them.  Haven't seen much of her since.

It's a chilly, pouring-down rain kind of day--very good for staying inside and working. So I guess I'll get back to it.