Decorating Diaries - At Least They're Funny

I started the morning off a little tense as the contractors didn't get here until quarter of eleven.  AND, the owner made no acknowledgement or mention of the no-show on Sunday.  I know apologizing is never fun (I did it once, and I remember) but I do think it was called for.  But fine, they're here, whatever.

 So the tile guy calls me downstairs a few minutes ago to look at the layout of the tile and ask a question about the pattern and where it falls with the air register.  He gave me a few options to chose from, all of which sounded fine to me. "You pick," I told him. "I trust you. You've been doing this a lot longer than me."

"Actually, I just watched a video," he said without blinking an eye. There was a brief pause then we all burst out laughing.

"Great," I said.  "So okay, I'm going to go start drinking now."

"Oh man, we started hours  ago," he said, waving his hands in the air.

At least they're funny.