Little to Say?

I feel obligated to post something, but I really don't have a lot to say (versus the eye-opening, makes-you-want-to-rethink-your-life-and-be-a-better-person posts I'm famous for).  Still,  I will try. :)

I griped at the contractor via voicemail Tuesday night.  On Tuesday, before they left, I asked the contractor to call my local contractor that night, as he has a key to our house and could arrange to let him in.  That's whey they told me the tile guy had to finish another job in the morning, but would be at my house in the afternoon.  At my request, my  local contractor called at 9:30 Tuesday night to say that he hadn't heard from tile guy.  So I left a message saying "Hey, I don't want my local guy called last minute.  He's got other jobs and I want this planned out to make sure he's available to let you in." Then I said, "And, it was my understanding the tile guy was 'all mine' this week until the job was finished and now he's not even showing up until tomorrow afternoon.  What's going on?"  I told you, I'm on it this time.

So I got home last night and had a message that the guys would be meeting today (Thursday) at 9:30 am.  Fine, but that means no work was done yesterday.  Plus, why does the morning start at 9:30 vs. 8? Yes, he has an hour drive here but lots of people have long commutes and manage to make it in by 8 to work.  Blair leaves the house at 6am every day, so I don't have a lot of sympathy for the "Oh, it's so early" excuse.  Anyway, I just want this bathroom done.  I'm tired of being in a bad mood about it and am getting on my own nerves.

I had a great day yesterday.  I was the THIRD person to arrive at my Triad Networks group, thank you very much, to make up for my embarrassment at being late last week. And these people rock.  I said I'd appreciate any leads on distribution venues for my book--gift stores, jewelry stores, flower shops, hospital gift stores, etc.  I walked out with 9 leads and 5 book sales.  Absolutely stupendous.  It puts me on my game so I can offer them as many good leads in return.

Then we had 15 International students visit our Toastmasters group, and hearing where they were from and their goals was fascinating. I had a power marketing meeting with my friends Pam & Michael, dinner with Blair, and then my children's writers critique group came through in aces for me with dead-on critiques of the first chapter of my book.  So all in all, a good day.

Today I'm teaching a networking class at the Women's Resource Center, picking up my new glasses, and maybe lunch with a friend.  Then home to work, work, work!  I'm going to Chicago this weekend for a long overdue trip to see my mom, sister, nephew, and brother-in-law.  My nephew is 2 1/2 and I haven't seen him in over a year.  I know he's going to look huge to me--he's at the top of the charts for height.

But the thing about going out of town is that even if you're gone for a day, you have to do a weeks worth of work before you leave and a weeks worth after before you feel caught up. So I'm trying to tidy up a multitude of loose ends today and tomorrow so I can leave and enjoy my trip with a clear conscience (And a ball of yarn.  I've started knitting  project #2).  

So, off to face the e-mail monster I go!