Web Site Overhaul

I have thrown myself into the abyss. I met Wednesday with my web site developer, slammed a cup of decaf, took a deep breath and said, "Trash what I have. Start over."

I'm referring to redoing my primary web site at www.denaharris.com.  It's breaking my heart to change it. I love, love, love my manic kitty-cat graphic--the same one you see here at the top of the page. It's served me well these past 3 years. People laugh when I pull out my business cards which has kitty on them and the cards are always good for a conversation starter. They were especially effective when I started out as a writer as much of what I was doing was pet related writing.

Lately though, I've been courting--and landing--more corporate work. Writing web site content, creating press releases, pulling together a press kit, drafting brochures... I estimate I've spent  50% of my time on projects like these in the past 2 months vs. my traditional magazine writing.

The thing with magazine writing is that  few if any marketing pieces are needed. If I want an assignment I write a query letter and wait for a yes/no response. Compare that to if I want to write a brochure for someone where they want to visit my website, see prior examples of my work, meet to discuss vision and pricing, have me prepare a quote for them... Wait. Why do I want  corporate work???

Ah yes. The challenge. It's something new. And because the work is coming to me. I have a file of leads people have given me that I'm waiting to follow up on because I need to send them a brochure or intro kit. Once I have my marketing items in place, I'm confident the work will come in.

And I'm not giving up magazine writing. I've got several new pieces in the works and just today landed a ghostwriting article I'm excited about.  It may lead to a book project, which is something I believe I will very much enjoy.

I have a lot to say about books and book projects. So much, in fact, that I think I'll hold off and make that my blog for tomorrow.  

Meanwhile, wish me luck writing content for my new site. Amazing how simple it is to create text for others but when it comes to tooting my own horn I wind up with sentences like, "Hire Dena. She write real good."

Nowhere to go but up.